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Mortuary equipments, autopsy equipments, pathology equipments manufacturer
Roundfin Technology Co.,Ltd.

We provide best quality of medical products

What we do

We provide the design and production of mortuary equipment and pathology equipment , and can cooperate with your bidding.

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Our products have been exported to more than 150 countries


We have more than 5,000 customers around the world.
About us

Keeping customers satisfied is a great honor to us at Roundfin

Roundfin mainly produces high-quality mortuary equipment and pathology equipment. We have three own factories and can customize according to customer needs.
We can customize the appearance, size, and functionality of our products
High Quality
Our products use high quality materials to ensure reliability
We can do OEM and ODM according to customer needs
What we Provide

One-stop purchasing of pathology and mortuary equipment

Mortuary Equipments

Mortuary refrigerator, mortuary lift, mortuary trolley, mortuary rack, etc.

Pathology Equipments

Cryostat, microtome, embedding center, grossing station, slide dryer, etc.

Pathology consumables

Microtome blade, blade holder, test tubes, microtome specimen clamp, ets.
Roundfin CEO Snow
Let the world love China more through Roundfin.
Roundfin Operations Manager Fan
The medical industry is constantly evolving, and our products are also innovating continuously. Addressing pain points within the industry has always been Roundfin's mission.
Fan | Operations Manager
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